About Peek Concepts

Peek Concepts was orginally established to provide Hong Kong families with pollution monitors, water testers, cooking thermometers and safety equipment for the home. Keep your family safe. Know, don’t guess.


Our online store exclusively focuses on bringing monitoring, measuring and safety products to your home at affordable prices. Our product range is either unique or hard to find in Hong Kong. Now you can shop from the comfort of your home whilst experiencing the level of customer service available from traditional retail outlets. We are available to answer your questions through email or telephone.


Our distribution arm focuses on bringing branded household monitoring, measuring and safety products to the Hong Kong consumer. We ensure that your product meets local regulatory requirements and reaches the consumer through the most favorable channels. We view our partnerships as long term commitments, often making significant upfront investments to support your brands with education programmes, trade partnerships, marketing and advertising.

Peek Concepts is the official distributor of Electronic Temperature Instruments Limited (ETI) products, which includes the Thermapen, in Hong Kong. UK based ETI is widely regarded as the world leader in temperature measuring equipment. If your company is interested in joining our reseller or partner programme, contact us at hello@peekconcepts.com

關於Peek Concepts

Peek Concepts成立於香港,並致力向香港的家庭提供最好的產品,例如各類感應器、安全用品、煮食用品等等。Peek Concepts向您提供所需知識—Know, don’t guess


Peek Concepts的在線商店專門致力於以實惠的價格將監視、測量和安全產品帶到您的家中。Peek Concepts提供獨特範圍的產品,或者很難在香港搜購到。客戶可以在家中舒適地購物,同時體驗傳統零售店提供的客戶服務水平。我們可以通過電子郵件或電話回答您的問題。


Peek Concepts的分銷部門致力於為香港消費者帶來品牌化的家庭監控、測量和安全產品。我們確保您的產品符合當地法規要求,並通過最有利的渠道吸引消費者。我們將合作夥伴關係視為長期承諾,通常會進行大量的前期投資,以通過教育計劃,貿易合作夥伴關係,營銷和廣告來支持您的品牌。

Peek Concepts是Electronic Temperature Instruments Limited(ETI)產品的正式分銷商,其中包括Thermapen。英國的ETI被廣泛認為是溫度測量設備的世界領先者。如果您的公司有興趣加入我們的經銷商或合作夥伴計劃,請聯繫我們!

電話: +852 9302 8179


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