Fire Safety Products Every Home Should Have

Fire Safety is an especially important subject when living in apartment blocks and high rises. Although you may be extremely careful in your own home, there is nothing you can do about a careless neighbor smoking in bed or overloading a power strip.

We at Peek Concepts, try to keep up to date on the latest products for safety in the home or office, but some items never go out of fashion. Here is a list of the fire safety items we offer and why we offer them.

Smoke Alarms:

We offer two models of smoke/fire alarms. If it isn’t obvious why every home should have at least one smoke/fire alarm, we will sum it up as, by the time you smell smoke, you already may have precious little time to either control the source of the smoke or evacuate the premises. You also need something to wake you up before the smoke asphyxiates you.

The Kidde Smoke Alarm features an advanced photoelectric sensor, designed to alert you and your family to the dangers of smoke and fire. The unit is UL Listed and accepted by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department. It comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Our Hochiki Smoke Alarm features a detection sensor that catches scattered light is optimized by optical simulation. The sensitivity for flaming black smoke with small particles is enhanced, while the sensitivity for smoldering white smoke with large particles is reduced. This achieves almost even sensitivity to various types of fires and allows early and accurate fire detection. Further, as it has low sensitivity for steam with large particles, the chance of raising a false alarm is significantly reduced even when steam enters. It also includes a 3 V Lithium Battery that has a 10 year life.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

How do you protect your family from a hazard that you can’t see, smell or taste? Leading American brand – Kidde has been making Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms, with electrochemical technology, for years. Peace of mind against a silent killer.

This Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm provides you and your family with a loud warning signal against the dangers of elevated carbon monoxide levels in your home. The digital display feature adds an advanced level of protection showing CO levels in PPM (parts per million) allowing you to see if levels change. Made for the Hong Kong market, instructions come in both Chinese and proper English (minimal writing on the device itself is in Chinese). Comes with multiple mounting options to allow installation on a wall or tabletop.

Fire Extinguisher

A safety essential for your home. This fire extinguisher is approved by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department for commercial and residential use. Protects against Class A, B, and C type fires for apartments, homes, offices and trailers. Expect nothing less when the lives of your family, helper colleagues, and pets are at stake.

For protection against ALL COMMON CLASSES OF FIRES, choose A B C type extinguisher – Powder type
Be sure that you understand which types of extinguishers are appropriate for which classes of fire.


Fire Blanket

Another safety essential for your home. Manufactured in the UK, this fire blanket is approved by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department for commercial and residential use under the heavy duty category. You can trust this product to provide the highest quality safety protection. Expect nothing less when the lives of your family, helper and pet are at stake.

*Hook it to your kitchen rail for quick and easy access
*Smother a small fire in the home by starving it of oxygen
*Wrap around a person whose clothes are on fire
*Cover your children during a fire escape

Below is a demonstration of how to use your fire blanket.

Smoke Mask

A smoke mask should be an essential item when living in a high rise block. The Senje TZL 30 filtering mask is an atmospheric, air-purifying negative pressure filtration device with a flame-resistant hood. According to the National Public Security Standard GB21976.7-2012, this smoke mask is made for escaping from a fire disaster. The mask has passed the type test by China National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision Center. This mask provides breathing, head and eye protection to help the wearer to evacuate from the harm of toxic smoke, fog, carbon monoxide, hot gas flow, heat radiation and sparks. It effectively protects you for a minimum of 30 minutes* from smoke and toxic gases. *The effective period changes depending on the environment. See the Specs tab for chart information.

First Aid Kit

While not specifically a fire safety product, a first aid kit is essential in treating burns until help arrives. Our first aid kit complies with regulations of the Hong Kong Labour Department. It has all the essentials necessary for the home or office.

While not an exhaustive list of items for fire prevention and safety, we feel that these are the basics of what every home or small office should have. If you think we have left something off this list, please let us know. We always like to hear feedback and suggestions. It means somebody’s reading…

Here is the link to our Fire Prevention and Safety products.

Stay safe and healthy!

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