Testing For Radiation in the Home and Office

It’s been 10 years since the Fukushima nuclear reactor was crippled by massive earthquakes, in Japan. In that 10 years, nothing much has changed as this recent article shows us: Radiation levels at Fukushima plant far worse than was thought. Considering radioactive materials can last for tens of thousands of years, it’s not surprising. TheContinue reading “Testing For Radiation in the Home and Office”

Fire Safety Products Every Home Should Have

Fire Safety is an especially important subject when living in apartment blocks and high rises. Although you may be extremely careful in your own home, there is nothing you can do about a careless neighbor smoking in bed or overloading a power strip. We at Peek Concepts, try to keep up to date on theContinue reading “Fire Safety Products Every Home Should Have”

Ideas and Products That Help Prevent the Spread of Disease

We here at Peek Concepts are trying to do our part to help prevent the transmission of all disease, not just Covid-19. There are ways to mitigate the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses, without toxic chemicals or alcohol. Overuse of hand sanitizers has led to many unintended consequences. Here is a good article onContinue reading “Ideas and Products That Help Prevent the Spread of Disease”

The Creation of PEEKair

This week, I’m going to share with you how our team created PEEKair, our PM2.5 air quality monitor. I will go though in detail why PM2.5 monitors need to be specifically calibrated for its city of use, in order to be accurate. It all began in early 2015… I always want to make sure thatContinue reading “The Creation of PEEKair”

CBD Oil for Pets from Organically Grown Hemp Oil in the US

CBD OIL FOR PETS The reason you are reading this article and that is you are the proud and concerned custodian of either feline, canine, furry or feathered companions, either aging or in some form of physical or emotional discomfort.  Moreover, because we are extremely protective over our beloved family members, we want to provideContinue reading “CBD Oil for Pets from Organically Grown Hemp Oil in the US”

Peek Concepts’ Guide to Weathering a Typhoon in Hong Kong

Bad pun. I know. The weather outside is a not so gentle reminder that it is typhoon season again. To take your mind off the current Covid-19 pandemic, we here at Peek Concepts decided to remind you of the types of emergencies we can see, hear and smell. The types of routine upsetting, school closing,Continue reading “Peek Concepts’ Guide to Weathering a Typhoon in Hong Kong”

The Latest in Covid19 Rapid Antigen Home Tests Using Saliva

Study Builds Case for More COVID-19 Antigen Testing As the world begins to emerge from its congested 1st year of managing SARS-COVID, we enter into a ‘next phase’ of wishful management, often described as vaccination.  Now despite the brazen approach of our friends at Big Pharma, in concert with hallowed medical and research ‘eager-beavers’ institutesContinue reading “The Latest in Covid19 Rapid Antigen Home Tests Using Saliva”

Peek Concepts Guide to Vacuum Sealing and Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide is a French term, that can be translated as “under pressure”. It’s somewhat ironic, since it can be a source of great pressure relief. Sous Vide cooking takes all the pressure off knowing when something is the right temperature. A medium rare steak is the perfect temperature every time, because it can’t beContinue reading “Peek Concepts Guide to Vacuum Sealing and Sous Vide Cooking”

Does Wearing a Mask Help Prevent Disease?

The not so short answer is yes, but it depends on which mask you wear. Many times a product that may not be seen as a health and safety product has a dual function. One may not think of a meat thermometer or vacuum sealer as a health and safety product. It may not beContinue reading “Does Wearing a Mask Help Prevent Disease?”

About Peek Concepts

Peek Concepts was orginally established to provide Hong Kong families with pollution monitors, water testers, cooking thermometers and safety equipment for the home. Keep your family safe. Know, don’t guess. RETAIL Our online store exclusively focuses on bringing monitoring, measuring and safety products to your home at affordable prices. Our product range is either uniqueContinue reading “About Peek Concepts”